Thursday, September 9

Fine Music and Wine at Fresco

About a week ago if I'm not mistaken, the five of us went to fresco. I like the place for its amazing jazz and blues music and of course the wine as well. I'm not a very big fan of red wine though but its okay to drink it once in a while. The place is located at Jesselton Point same row with Cock & Bull, anyone who like to chill out and 'melepak' can go there and have some drink or dine at Fresco.

Spending time with my sister, cousins and aunt!! XD 
We had a BLAST!!


Gallivanter said...

Looks like a great place to hangout although I think my time of clubbing/pubbing has come to a point that it's once in a blue moon.

Nancy said...

Fresco is not a club...its a nice place to just chill out and have a nice convo wt friends.