Monday, January 3

A Happy Jolly Christmas 2010!!

Finally I have the time to post. Yeah, I know Christmas is so last year but its still Christmas anyway... the whole family from my mother side didn't go to Tambunan to celebrate Christmas this year, in fact we celebrate it in more fancy way, LOL. 

So as usual Christmas started at the church, pray for God's blessing. After church Daisy and me begins to snap pictures and get a bit
Christmas looks 2010

 Look how cute my niece..^^

Didn't manage to snap more photos at morning cuz too lazy to do it.. While waiting for Christmas dinner at Novotel, my family and I watching DVD marathon movie at home to kill time. Other than that, I was the one who's exciting to unwrap  Bee's Christmas present. ehem...well I HELP her to unwrap it btw...hahaha  

Bee's first Christmas present...She look so excited!!

And so night has come to gather the families together. I love the food so MUCH especially the salmon fish because I like the burning taste...SEDAP!!!

 Mum and sister Carmen.

The food is so colorful till I'm too scared to eat some of it. But the desert was a knock out.
I didn't know how many time I had desert on that night.

 Wawan is concentrate on Nonok PSP game.
Smile of joy Christmas night!! Hahaha, she feel ticklish when Daisy
do that.

 Families photo but wewen is missing cause she's the one 
who took this picture.

 Lol, I look like I'm going to harass Santa.

That's all the photos I had in camera, Nonoi DSLR has much more photo than this. But I'm too busy eating till didn't manage to snap more photos.

Last but not list, it's not too late to wish everyone



Del Glamiva said...

Awww so cute your niece! And it's so nice to see sister Carmen after so many....decades...? xD Happy new year Dewina!

Anonymous said...

merry christmas n happy new year dear!! may GOD bless u always~ _shel_

Chisuki Hana said...

happy new year to you tdel and my dear shel!! XD