Wednesday, January 5

2011 Countdown Bash With HITZ!!!

This new year season we're celebrating it at IceBar 1Borneo. Its has been a talk of century this new year countdown bash at IceBar where you can meet in person with the DJ's from Hitz crew. Cynta and I were thrilled to meet our favorite host, none other than Ean from hits. Not forgetting Caprice our local artist. 

As we arrived, the place is packed. While we were waiting for Geogie we snap a few photos before making our way to the entrance.

Soon after that, Geogie came. And another snap of flash.

This is our drink for that night. I never taste this kind of
whisky before. 

Lol, I was shocked when I saw that cup..I was thinking a little bit
more fragile one. But maybe its good to use this.

 Our entertainer for the night...

And here is the Hitz crew. From left Rica, Adam C and Casseie!! 

 When they off the stage, there's a bubble flew all around the place and I saw a canon which I don't have any freaking idea what the purpose of it. In fact when its 12.00am I was in the Ice Room and I heard something was blown away. So my guess is, the canon is use to blown away the confetti.

Hundred of bubble, I think its more than hundred la.

Sorry this picture is a bit blurry because of the mist. Anyway, the canon is actually
made from plastic.

Tadaa!! This is Ice Room which is fucking freezing+cold!!! 
Absolut vodka babe!! My fav! XD

Ice room is much more blue in color than what you see from the picture above. Well, that is with flash but without flash it looks like this..

Feeling chill now...hahaha, Ice Room can only be used
to take photos and chit chat if you can take the coldness la. Klu 
tdk takut sejuk lama2 la kamu

This is Mr. Happy (that's what written in his/her shirt). You can found this lovely bear 
inside Ice Room. A companion to keep you warm..:)

The party last longer than I thought but the crowded become lesser every hour...At 2.00am most people from the front stage no longer lingering. And the SADDEST part is, Ean and Caprice is not attending the countdown. FUDGE MAN, I was waiting for him all day and yet they didn't come, especially Ean. What a heartbreak. But I manage to take a picture with Skeletor (Hitz DJ).

That's Skeletor.

So we're still on the dance floor till the break of dawn, well not really la..Hahaha,outside Icebar is almost empty but inside, its still filled with people. We went inside and have a drink but I'm not in the mood for drinking so I just sing along and sms-ing. And after all that we ended up going home at 3.30am. What a way to celebrate new year...hahaha, anyway



*end of post* XD


Fendi said...

Dewina Dewina.. how your way to drink vodka? :D

Chisuki Hana said...

haha, drink until you drunk! Hahaha, lol, just kidding.

Fendi said...

hahaha now i know u like to drink xD. i mean with shot or sip or what? Do u extra anything? :p

Chisuki Hana said...

sip of course...hoho, I rarely drink too much nowadays.

Fendi said...

my friend said vodka is very bitter and smells like medicine. ive nvr tried it b4 hahaha.. ah dewina, dont drink too much. unhealthy eh hehehe:D

Chisuki Hana said...

yup don't worry