Friday, January 28

Miss Suria Sabah Final!!!

I know this post was like 3 weeks ago but what the heck, I'm gonna post it anyway just for reference, hahaha.

Miss Suria Sabah Final stage finally has come and I'm proud to tell you that I didn't won't any subsidiary tittle, but its okay. I know it all along since I'm just a beginner and there's much more people who deserve to get it much more than me. The event suppose to start at 1.00 pm but the event started at 2.00pm, penat ni menunggu.

So we were doing kinda fashion show out of it which first round  is casual wear and our introduction as well.
I choose Kawae store for my casual wear but I'm suppose to choose it at Metrojaya if I'm not mistaken. Here are my choice...

My introduction session..hahaha..
(Clothes+Bag+Short pants+clincher sponsored by Kawae.)
(Shoes sponsored by SOS)
(Shades sponsored by Focus Point)

I just realize how skinny my legs are than
the last time. Guess my getting-skinny 
progress are going well.

Next round is the beachwear, but before went to the second round, here goes the talent round. I don't do much just singing but I mange to impress the crowd and the panel judges, yeah me, hahaha!

REALLYYY, nervous at this moment...I was
talking to Sheldon that time.

Waiting for the song to play. This pose was a little dumb for me, LOL.
Should do better next time. My song tittle is I'm Alive by Celine Dion.

Hahaha, this time I just simply dance without knowing
what to do next. see the grinned on my face, means that I'm
about to laugh dancing that way.

Finally after 16 contestant doing talent show (well, not all of them), we reached the second round which is beachwear. 

My partner in crime, haha, kidding. He's one of the Mr.
Suria Sabah contestant.
(Clothes+Pants+Cap sponsored by Tong's)
(shoes sponsored by SOS)
(Shades sponsored by Focus Point)

Well, no need to tie the shirt but I its my style so
I'm going for it. Free style mah, use your creativity.

End of the second round here comes the third round...evening wear. Its hard to choose the perfect dress since we have limited choice. But anyway, I manage to get the one that suit me.

 Before went on stage..

 I should wear my own heels, this heels doesn't 
help me much.


And that's the end of the show. While waiting the result, I was wondering around looking for Sheldon. Soon after that, when the result was ready, we went on stage and all of us get a certificate (which I don't know what I'm supposed to do with it).

 The event ends around 5.30pm and overall I'm having so much fun to be able to make it as a finalist. Well, out of 33 contestant and I was chosen to be one of them, so bangga juga la kan. But I still have much more to learn though.

 Last but not list, this was the Big Thing in my whole day....

TADDDAA!!! Being able to snap a photo with one of my top idol
(Amber Chia) is truly a dream come true for me!!
Well, it means a lot. XD


♫╬ ChloeTiffany ╬♪ said...

It's okay bahh Win Win! Do more! Ush Ushhh! Proud of you! Muuuaahs! Jie Jie love youuuuuu!

gunsirit said...

Wow..I couldn't say anything less..ehehe