Wednesday, January 5

Music Meets Fashion Rock Show at Sutera Harbour, KK

On the 27th Dec, I did a fashion show at sutera. This is my first time ever to do this kind of thing, well beginner kan. I came a bit late at that time but its a good thing either because when I arrived some of the model haven't prepared fully yet. So I'm taking my sweet time. I do know some of the models there but mostly not all. Having make-up artist is a fun part for me since you don't have to do the work and same goes for the hairstylist. I totally look freaking different after the make-up and the hair-do.
TADAA!! my make-up and hair... On the right side is Rebecca Ruth Robert.
An old friend from srk Convent, I still remember the good time we had
that time.

I was amaze at first sight looking myself in the washroom and this is the cam-whoring time with the camera in the toilet...I wanted to take picture in front of the mirror but people keep entering the washroom so I went inside the toilet (tau malu juga ba, lol).


Then right after that around 8.00pm we changed our clothes and prepare our self to face the air-con. My cloth is not like a bridal gown which cover my whole body and that means its REALLLY cold!! And so the show begin....*insert song here*

 Look kinda....short here...

 What the fucking hell man, I haven't pose fully yet and the photographer
snap this photo. *sigh* Yeah, laugh and mock all you want..LOL..
doesn't bother me...But kinda funny la...

 This part kinda funny for me..Why? well, I still didn't figure out how should I pose
in the end...Its either legs apart or just do the crossing leg thingy 
(if you know what I mean) I ended like this...Posing go wrong..Hahaha

 Then after all the 3 designer clothes has been showed, we make a U-turn
in the end.

So the fashion show has ended and AzeanZea took this photo when we were
at backstage.

Back at the changing room. Again we took some photos as a remembrance.
AzeanZea group.

Noorul Osfield-Anwar and Me

 Me,Antasya Doll and AzeanZea..

Soon after that before changing back, Azean told us she wants
to take a solo picture in her group. So here's mine...

As soon as the shoot ended, I ran to change back in the washroom.  Still before doing so I manage to snap a few photo before anyone came in. Very pathetic of me..hahaha.

 I praise the  make-up artist..:P

Then with my furious speed, I'm packing all my stuff and head home. You guess it again, cam-Whoring in the car, hahahaha, but  no need to  show anymore la...But for that night this is my top favorite pics.

The thing what I like about this pics is, the look, its not about lawa ka tdk..But my face look different a bit. Hahahaha, that's what I like about the pics. After all that hard work for rehearsal and the fashion show, it turns out to be an exciting night and a wonderful experience to gain. It's worth it. If there's a chance I like to do this kind of project again. You can't never get enough of knowledge in any matters that you really interested in. Am I right? that's all for this post...TTFN everyone...XD


Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...

iya..nampak lebih matang I LOIKE


u and rebecca cantik owh...miss both of u...good luck k..


oya..if u nak mantapkan lg u punya pose in runway or in photoshoot..rajin2 la tgk american next top model..bgus tau..bguna tu..

Del Glamiva said...

I agree with nurul. And I just found out you're a doing modelling! Good luck with it girl! Go go convent! xD

gunsirit said...

Wow! dazling..cudn't say more..:)

ms d33 b33 said...

dazzling... keep it up!

Anonymous said...

funny blog post! It really made me smile. You're very pretty, and have a good sense of humour too. :D

azu s said...

hahaha! gmbar posing ko nda ready bah mcm pervert face YA ALLAH!!! HAHAHAHA! tingu psl ko la ni sa terajin buka blog huarhhh>.<

Chisuki Hana said...

babi ko zu!! argh!! hahaha!!