Monday, January 3

Christmas Party 2010!!

The next day after Christmas is my sister's birthday (Daisy) at the same day we are having Christmas party at my home (we done this every year).

 OMG!! Seeing the foods makes me hungry!!!

 I just arrived home from suria sabah. Sick for the party and sore throat.

Birthday girl of the day!!

 Strumming the guitar but its too hard to play since my nail is a bit longer.
Its just a basic code so everyone knows la. Play the song that I only manage to 
remember it well. You guess

 Bee and Nonok look like brother and sister, muka hampir sama
cuma gumuk sikit la Bee.

 Enjoying Christmas with family members
is the greatest Christmas gift!!

 Our BBQ cooking master for the day. Usually its my uncle
who's in charge but he can't come on that night. Too bad~

 Introducing Abby the cat!! Most popular cat at my house..He even enjoy 
Christmas food!! XD See how nice we are to animals...LOL

 Birthday cake...I don't know what the flavor is. 

 Birthday girl and birthday boy...My dad's birthday is a few days away,
so we celebrate it in one day. Happy birthday to them :D

 Its not a party without karaoke. So cynta was the first person
to sing. Talk about confidence, she got it , LOL. Hmmm...

Nonoi became our bartender for the night. Which we'll be having vodka+ sprite. It will taste even more splendid if there's a lemonade. The vodka flavor is raspberry and I thought it will be red because the bottle is red. But when we pour it in, the color is just the same like the usual vodka, the only different is the taste.
TAdaa!!! The absolut Vodka!! One of my favourite...:D

The exchange gift begins. I wish I get Wewen's gift since that the gift that I wanted when I saw her buy the things at Kaison. Without any hesitation I pick a number and I finally get the gift that I WANT SO BADLY!!!

 At first I don't know what inside of it and don't even know from who. So I quickly unwrap the present and excited to know the things that I get.

Eventually, this is what inside the wrapping paper . I was full of joy when I got this, I mean this things can be useful in my next study or any occasion. Then I ran to wewen and told her the good news. Thank you Wewen!! Sy suka!!

 As for my gift, Cynta's the one who get it. Well, actually her little brother (nonok) gets it but nonok seems rather sad than happy when he get it. So cynta and him exchange the gift.

Its nearly 12am and I ask Daisy if I can unwrap one of Bee's present.  I choose a present from Sister Carmen
and unwrap it as if it was mine. Inside the box there's a bee hat, and it was kinda cute. I eagerly want Bee to use the hat but she was asleep, so I slowly put the hat on his head....And I got a funny picture of it!!

LOL, Bee's head is too small and the hat can't fit her yet. When you look at the face it looks really funny and make you burst into laugh. Even my mom can't get enough of this picture.

 This is how it supposed to look like but like I said earlier, Bee's head is still small. Hahaha, next year it will fit her.

Hope that 2011 Christmas party will be more blast than 2010. Till next year~ TTFN...

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gunsirit said...

This must have been a joyous jolly xmas..:)