Friday, February 11

My appearance in newspapers :D

Well, this is the most boring post I can came up with. Every time when we know that our picture or name will be publish in the news, we eagerly want to buy that news right? I mean who the hell didn't want to keep it for future reference or just simply put it in your 'News Collection' for your own records.

So here are some of my news collection records. It's not much though :)

This is from Daily Express news. There are also from Utusan Borneo
news and Chinese newspaper and the story line is just the same as well
for the picture. But just for reference, I'll put the picture la k.

Hmm, if I'm not mistaken. This is from Daily
Express news.
This is my featured for Puteri Metro
on Metro News. If I'm not mistaken
I've been featured on august 2010.

This is the time when I was attending fashion show "When Fashion Meets Music". I did post  this fashion show on my post. On the left side, you can see me in the middle. :D

This is the newest papers I'm in. This week
newspaper which is on thursday. 

 This is news from New Sabah Times.

And this one is from Utusan Borneo.
hahaha, my picture is bigger here..lame~

So far that's it, for now, hahahaha...hope you enjoy reading and refer this article for fun. And if you think I'm showing-off its ok...Cause I have the reason to be proud in this small thing XP...hahaha, thank you for dropping by!! XD leave some comment if possible :D


jjchrystie13ogo said...

Good for You Dewina.. Keep it Up.!!! Sa support ko..~~ !!

gunsirit said...

Wow congrat...

Chisuki Hana said...

thank you everyone!! XD

Fendi said...

woah newspapers!! nice nice.. congratulations Dewinaa

Chisuki Hana said...

Thanks Fendi....:D