Thursday, February 24

KENTE3 Singing Competition!! (Heat 2)


On 19th Feb 2011 (Saturday), I was in for KENTE3 singing competition which KENTE is the short form for Kadus Entertainment Next Top Entertainer (if I'm not mistaken). It was held at Pusakag Cafe, Donggongon just in front of Penampang Megalong. 

I planed all my hair and outfit to be a bit grand since the song I'll be singing is Ginawoku kagasan (Dusun) by Caroline Yusuf and second song is I'm Alive by Celine Dion. This is my hair-do choice,

And when I match this hair-do with my dress, it looks like this :)

(During my performance)

Hmmm, you'll get a better view of the hair as you 
scroll down :D

The Performance start at 7.30 pm but  of course the contestant have to be there at 6.30 pm. Noting much to write here anyway so I'm skipping this part. Move on to my performance I was nervous till I mess up my singing voice, urgghhh, lack of practice to be exact. Here are some of my pictures during the performance...

 I really like to open my mouth so BIG 
till I can swallow the whole mic. LOL

This is the beginning of my second song 
I'm Alive.
Kinda funny if you ask me about this picture. 
Looking like blur..

  Such a sad emotional face.

I look like a death singing corpse. Maybe the contrast 
editing is too much. 

Tadaa!! You can see my hair from this view.

Candid picture. LOL. I like this picture though I do look ridiculous.
Cuz this picture shows my enthusiasm in singing. Yup, never
forget to entertain the crowd. 

Ending part of the second song. Hahaha, its obvious
that I'm tired just from the look of my face.

Then here comes the moment of truth!!! The result!!!! Well, I didn't put my hopes on to much when it finally comes to this part. But anyhow I manage to move on to semi-final round though I make it through just by the wild cards voting and not the judges pick. There are another two contestant with me. Take a look.
The time when my name was mention for the wild card.
Really shocking moment for me.

Eva, Queenera, and me :)

Congrats to us for made it to the next round especially Eva and Queenera XD Best of luck to all of us in the next round on 19th March. Wish I can make it though. :)

With Love Dewina~ XOXO


gunsirit said...

Congratulation, really awesome pictures..

Chisuki Hana said...

hoho, thank you!! XD

Stacey Dave said...

waah, alongside Queenera la :)
I do hope I can listen to your performance though :)
Looks very interesting indeed... you've done a lot of acts on the stage, good showmanship then :)

Chisuki Hana said...

Thank you stacey XD