Sunday, September 9

Crack Black Rainbow

In this post I'm going to post about the crack nail painting which was quite a trending nowadays. Actually it has been in trend back then but I don't much give a thought or damn about it. I'm not really in nail painting much, the mood is easy come and easy go but nowadays I don't really get into it, there's a time la juga..depends, hahaha.

Anyway I just knew that Elianto has this product as well, before this I only saw it at Sasa store mostly. At elianto the colour available is black, purple (more like dark), white and red (that's it if I'm not mistaken) but at Sasa store I saw colours such as gold, silver and pink. I think they have other colour though. Sorry I can't remember very clearly.

I suggest to my sister to get the black crack one so here's the result of my so-called-masterpiece

Here's my suggestion colour (refer to the picture above)

I like this colour since its light colour (don't know the name).
Bought it from Nature Republic.

This is the black crack colour which can be found 
at Elianto.

After your nails has dried up, use a top coat
to make it look shiny. Bought this from elianto as well.

That's it for this post. Use a base coat if you have one :D Thank you for reading everyone!! XD

Yours truly:

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