Saturday, January 11

Nail Extension Using Nail Tip

Hello readers!! This post will help you step by step on how to extend your nail using NAIL TIP. Its not that hard but it take times, and I mean lot of time (unless you already an expert on it). Before I show the step by step tutorial, first know what you need. 

Things you need :
1) Nail tips (doesn't matter its white or transparent)
2) Nail tip cutter/clipper (I'll show you the picture as you scroll down)
3) Nail file
4) Nail glue (can be bought in beauty store as well)

This is the nail white tips I bought from e.Noveal. Cost Rm 35.00, size from 0-9, 50 pieces for each nail tips which make it a total of 500 nail tips. I'm not sure if they still sell it but no harm to go and check for it :)



This is the nail clipper I bought from Megalong which I forgot which store but its beside Beauty Wonderland on the ground floor. Its the cheapest I can found there. Around RM 8.


Lastly, Nail file which help you to shape your nail tips. Cost about RM 4 (estimated) 
can be found in any local beauty store.

Now lets get on with the tutorial XD


Pick you nail size (according to the number) and place it on you nail. This help you 
to estimate where you want to put it.


Use the nail clipper to create the "("shape on your nail tip. Remember to use 
the back side of the nail clipper for this desire shape.  


Your nail tip should be like above shape. But you can always
improvise how you desire to cut it :) You can also see guides from 
Youtube on how to cut nail tips.


Use this nail glue and put it on the end of the nail tip where you have cut it
just now. Then back on the first step, you have estimate where you want to put it, so
put it on your nail and hold for at least 3 or 4 seconds before letting go (if it stick to 
your skin, no worries, the glue come off easily after a day or so)


Cut the nail following your desire on how long you want it to be.


Just follow the steps with all the other nails and the result will be something like this :D

You can also colored the nails with any colors you want :)  

Simple step right? So does this step by step tutorial is good enough enough or do you prefer in video? I will make a video if there are more than 5 people requested for it :) or simple enough you can check on the videos from Youtube XD That's all for my post and looking forward to your respond!!! 

Yours truly,

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